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My name is Mary Arif and I have been preparing taxes for individuals, families, self-employed people, entrepreneurs and small businesses for nearly 30 years.   I was encouraged by one of my past employers to expand into bookkeeping, as she saw my love of the forensics of number crunching.  So, I took her advice and got my degree in Finance & Accounting.

There’s an old saying….”The stars might lie, but the numbers never do.”  My clients can expect complete honesty from me at all times.  Good, bad or ugly, my customers will only ever hear the truth from me.  When the numbers aren’t great or there are things that need to be fixed, I will work closely with my clients to get them where they need to be.

How it all began…

The idea for All Points as a business happened back on a cold November night in 2007.  My husband had passed away the previous April and I needed to supplement my income.  I had my degree in Accounting & Finance, but job interviews were proving futile as no one was offering what I needed for income.  I was standing in line in a bank behind a gentleman who looked like he worked in construction (muddy boots, heavy safety coat, jeans with splatters on concrete, etc).  He was holding his mobile “mike” phone well away from his ear as the voice of his wife screamed out of it at him.  She was apparently very angry because, among a long list of other things, he still hadn’t found anyone to do his books.  That’s when the idea hit me.  There are a lot of small business people “out there” who need front office support but can’t afford or don’t need a fully-staffed front office.  I would be able to provide at least some of that service for them.


What I Do…

I mind the numbers so that you can do what you love.

Due to the recent economic downturns all over, society has seen an explosive growth in business ownership and entrepreneurship.  While that is a wonderful thing and there are plenty of talented folks out in the world who do great work, businesses large or small need to keep their numbers in order so that they may remain effective and satisfy their various taxation and financial issues.

My services include bookkeeping, government remittances and taxes for both U.S. and Canada workers and cross-border workers.  I take that load off of my clients’ shoulders.  It’s one less thing for them to worry about.


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