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There are so many people in the business world who labour under mistaken ideas of how to manage their numbers.  Many business people love what they do so much that they sometimes miss financial opportunities or requirements that can keep them going.  I feel a great need to educate my clients about the possibilities available to them.  This all starts with having proper records.

We specialize and keep small businesses, self-employed, rentals and entrepreneurs records accurate and update, this ensures a more efficient accounting service. Please note that we accept  debit, credit cards and cash for payment.

Bookkeeping vs Accounting?:

The accounting process involves recording, interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting and summarizing financial data. Bookkeeping is the process of recording financial transactions. Recording financial transactions is the first part of and the foundation of the accounting process. Bookkeepers handle the recording part of the accounting process.

Bookkeeping and accounting can appear to be the same profession to the untrained eye. Both bookkeepers and accountants work with financial data. To enter either profession, you must have basic accounting knowledge. Bookkeepers record financial transactions in chronological order on a daily basis. Bookkeepers record and classify financial transactions, laying the groundwork for accountants to analyze the financial data. To ensure accuracy, accountants often serve as advisers for bookkeepers and review their work.

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